The latest version of CAM-CAD 3D drawing and design programs directs the dynamics of the industry.

With the support of product development and AR-GE studies, we are trying to create the foundation stones of the industry as a solution partner to the needs of our customers.


Our wide range of punch press systems with sheet metal processing technology have forming, threading and wheel technology and provide a flexible turret configuration to facilitate mold set-up. With the CAM-CAD software control unit and shortened set-up times, the reduced rate of waste maximizes productivity while increasing work security.

The Punch Press, which allows us to drill holes in all kinds of geometric and special shapes, is available in our line up to 3 mm in 1500 mm wide mild metal plates and 2 mm in stainless steel plates. We also do the same in copper, aluminum, galvanized and plastic sheets.


Our laser cutting systems offer flexibility to cut different thicknesses and different sheet metal (black sheet, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass etc.). With Fly-Cut technology, high performance and fast cutting capacity are achieved while high speeds produce burrless and clean surfaces. With our flexible fiber optic cable, our maintenance-free systems are able to achieve 24 hours of mass production - up to 2-3 times more cuts per hour with maximum efficiency.

The maximum sheet thickness is 4000x2000 mm in our laser cutting systems, maximum sheet thickness, 25 mm for mild steel, 15 mm for stainless steel and 10 mm for aluminum.


The fast mold holding system and the precision linear ruler (0.01 mm precision) suitable for the use of the part molds provide precise results in long and deep bends. Under CE standards, the bending differences from the material or other factors are calculated automatically with the motorized CNC ridging system and the perfect result is achieved.

In our bending press systems, we are able to bend at any angle on metal plates up to 4 m in length and 10 mm in thickness.